MA vs CRM vs ESP

Marketing Automation vs everything else

A comparison of using a CRM or Email Marketing vs a fully stacked Marketing Automation engine.

When considering the technology differences between MA, a CRM and an ESP, many of the features are overlapping. However, only Marketing Automation offers what a CRM can do, what an ESP can do & much more.

There are no less than 35+ companies that fall under the umbrella of Marketing Automation. Not including the amount of CRM’s (Customer Relationship Manager) and ESP’s (Email Service Providers) that are out there.

In this guide you will discover how marketing automation compares with CRM's and ESP's in the following ways:
  • Generating leads
  • Driving Sales
  • Proving ROI

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Do you need leads? Close more sales? Measure your ROI?

Marketing Automation does all that and more. CRM's and ESP's typically do one thing or another, and you often have to use multiple login's to several different software stacks. Marketing Automation will give you one login to a suite of marketing and sales tools – plus insightful reporting.
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